"Cheryl recently presented a very comprehensive in-service on “Natural Bone Health” to 30 home health aides at Collective Home Care, Inc. She shared the most current info on bone health with amazing knowledge. She immediately put the Collective staff at ease by making it accessible and fun. It was very valuable and applicable info for not only the staff but for their clients as well. The staff has requested that Cheryl come back to tackle a new topic! We can’t wait to have her back!"

Mary Whiston
RN Clinical Director
Collective Home Care
South Deerfield, MA

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The Women's Idea Co-op

WednesdaySeptember 29 + Thursday, October 21

7-8:30pm (+ optional networking from 8:30-9pm)

The Women's Idea Co-op is a supportive and empowering intergenerational advice circle happening in the virtual space.

Do you yearn for new ideas, creative insight, and innovative solutions to questions or challenges you encounter in life or at work?

At this LIVE online drop-in group, we’ll brainstorm clear and helpful answers to whatever the question or problem you’re facing.Our group synergy is always surprising. The ah-ha moments are precious. And it can be a lot of fun, too!

ALL women are welcome at Women’s Idea Co-op:

30-something Megan is designing a guide of vegan-friendly spots in her city and wants to figure out the scope of information to include

70-something Roberta is a widow who would like to meet a man for companionship

40-something Yolanda wants to start a new creative hobby she can do entirely at home

50-something Alice is writing a book about her culinary tourism adventure in Japan and needs help coming up with a great title

20-something Alejandra has problems with a coworker and needs wise suggestions for dealing with it

The Process: The questioner takes a few minutes to pose her question/issue to the group and then a timer is set for five minutes. Ideas, tips, and referrals explode! The process is supportive, insightful, practical, quirky, and sometimes outrageous, generating creative solutions to each woman’s individual question.

By lottery, during each session 10 women will have the opportunity to pose their questions and have them addressed in safety and confidentiality. And at the end of our 90 minutes together, participants will have the option to stay in the virtual space to make connections and network with each other, enabling you to spread the word about your work, elaborate on a suggestion you made or received, or just introduce yourself for connection and community.

Women offer the mother lode of diverse life and business experience, wisdom, creative problem-solving, spot-on intuition, and down-to-earth practicality. With the desire to help another woman, we may get as much if not more out of offering suggestions as of receiving help with a concern of our own. And sometimes responses meant for someone else resonate with an issue we are facing ourselves.

Please join us!


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Cheryl creates an environment that allows for creative thinking, trust, humor and openness. It’s a pleasure to spend time brainstorming about a myriad of issues with smart, kind and perceptive women of all ages and backgrounds.”

Keri B, Philadelphia, PA


A little background...

A number of years ago while on a glorious mountain vacation, I attended a women's brainstorming group that was very compelling to me, and ended up helping me with a gnarly business question I had at the time. The process I experienced there felt safe, cut to the chase, was very generative, and it was fun, too. It also sparked my creativity in a way I hadn't expected, in a sense bypassing my thinking mind. And it felt really good to be in a soup of women, each of us a unique ingredient adding nourishment and flavoring to the pot.

There have been many times since then when I wished I could bring various questions and problems I've had to such a group and process. But I haven't found anything quite like it. So I decided to launch The Women's Idea Co-op, a revisioned version of the group I attended on vacation those years ago, and to adapt it to a Zoom environment to reach as many women as possible. And in bringing myself to this revisioned brainstorming process as the facilitator, I realized I wanted to shine a light as much on the giving as on the receiving, as a true benefit to those who participate. That's one of the underpinnings of my life, and this is another good opportunity to imbue that intention into the work I put out into the world.